Frequently Asked Questions

Is CasaCasa a Realtor or a Lender?

Neither. CasaCasa was founded as an educator to empower first-time home buyers with a reliable source for information and advice.

Is CasaCasa non-profit or for-profit?  

We have incorporated under a new business type called a “Benefit Corporation”. This allows us to have a social purpose beyond just maximizing profit so we can maximize impact. It also allows us to avoid the crippling limitations of non-profit status (see Dan Palotta’s TED talk on this).

How much does CasaCasa cost?

Nada. Naught. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Free. Gratis. Complimentary. On the House… you get the idea.

How does CasaCasa Make Money?

Local, like-minded Real Estate Agents sponsor the CasaCasa service in their communities.  These Agents gain by connecting with the clients that share the same values. We also have an affiliate relationship with a like-minded lender that is available to help provide the financing for your first home. But don’t worry, there is never any pressure to use either the Realtor’s or the Lender’s services. You are encouraged to use whomever is best for you. We don’t believe that pressure––spoken or unspoken––is good business.

Why use CasaCasa?

First-time home buyers look to CasaCasa when:


  • They’re over living under someone else’s roof.

  • They long for the dignity and pride of owning, but are unsure about where to start.

  • They want to be knowledgeable and prepared before they get the process started.

  • They’re not completely comfortable mixing business with the family/friends they know in the industry.

  • They’re fed up with giving out their personal information to be sold across the internet.

  • They’re frustrated with trying to figure everything out on their own.

  • They’re unsure about taking advice from someone receiving a commission.

Why should you not use CasaCasa?

  • If you like uncertainty and anxiety.

  • If you like walking into big decisions blind and unprepared so you can get advice from someone that is talking to you because they earn a commission.

  • If you prefer divulging all of your sensitive financial information with that one relative in the industry.


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