Our Story

“When I left the nonprofit world and came into the mortgage industry, I brought my values with me.  

I grew up in a big family in the Midwest with a love for people, learning and hard work.  I chased a beautiful woman to California where we got married and I am now raising a family of my own.  
My tribe was just starting to grow when we began thinking about buying our first home.  I distinctly remember the sense of complete cluelessness that we felt.  I got very lucky and ended up having great people that took care of me, but it was a very confusing and vulnerable process.  Even when it was all done, I had no clue what had just happened.
Even when I was later generously gifted an opportunity to learn the mortgage trade, I still had no clue even generally what that would look like.
Over the course of my 5+ years in the business I’ve had the honor of leading well over 600 people through the process of getting a mortgage for their home.  I came to find that my expertise was very relevant and helpful to all my friends at some point.  
So the thought occurred to me - What if I could offer my expertise to help others on a larger scale?
Enter, CasaCasa.  
CasaCasa was birthed out of a heart to share my particular expertise and use it to help first-time buyers.  I am convinced that a little education, tools and coaching in a convenient, free app even has the power to transform the way we all think about home-buying.

We are starting a movement to reimagine the home buying process. We believe the place to start is by empowering first-timers like you to take control.”

– Dan Pinkous, Founder

How We Think

People Come First

People Always Come First

We hold an unwavering belief in putting our clients’ interests first. It’s not just because it is honorable and gives us a great sense of fulfillment, but because we understand that laying down our own interests for the sake of our community is what will lead to our own long-term success.

Your Story Matters

Your Story Matters

We differ greatly in that we believe in holistic advice. A decision to buy a home is part of the larger narrative of your story. As such, any real advice must not come until after listening to people's stories and must be offered in alignment with what you are about. There is no “one size fits all” for the simple fact that you are not the same as any other human. 

The Big Picture Is Important

The Big Picture Is Important

We are fully convinced that financial health is a byproduct of character and financial discipline, not tricks and numbers-smarts. Because of this, we see our relationship with you as a natural opportunity to equip you with the basic financial habits that will not just help you buy a home, but will set your life on course for long-term success. 

We Are Humans Too

We’re Humans Too

We take pride in our expertise but don’t feel the need to pretend that we are perfect or know everything. Like anybody, we get zits, toilet paper stuck to our shoe, cilantro in our smile, and make mistakes. Likewise, it isn't a surprise to us when we see that our clients aren't perfect either––so you can rest assured that you won't find any judgment here. We believe the human experience is about always striving for better while embracing imperfection as part of the journey.